Xenoglyphs Vol. 1 Review

Xenoglyphs Vol.1

Writer: Omar Spahi
Artist: PJ Catacutan
Letterer: Steve Wands

There are a ton of comic books being written today, but I believe this is great problem to have.  One isn’t limited to Marvel or DC anymore because there is Image, IDW, Black Mask Studios, Dark Horse, and plenty of other publishers.  There are also amazing comics that aren’t being published and funded by the plethora of publishers out there, so the creators of these comics go to Kickstarter to get their work published.  A prime example of that is Black, which is now published through Black Mask Studios, and is starting its own universe.  Hopefully another excellent example of this will be the Xenoglyphs series, which is currently on Kickstarter.  After reading the first volume, I have nothing but high hopes for this series.  It contains a great story, with good character chemistry, and the art to go along with it.

The first volume of Xenoglyphs does a great job of creating its world and telling its story.  Usually when people pick up a comic book, it’s from something that has years and years of continuity. Xenoglyphs does not have that advantage, yet it does an amazing job of world building.  You’re introduced to Steven James and his friend Dom and you find out they need to get their hands on these nine stones, the xenoglyphs.  They must get to the stones before Anubis, their enemy, gets his hands on them.  This is the premise of the book and although it may seem simple, it’s the way the story and world is presented that is anything but simple.  Omar Spahi does a magnificent job of building this world and the characters inside this world, but Omar Spahi does not do this alone.  He has PJ Catacutan to help create this wonderful world with his unique art style.

PJ Catacutan deserves a lot of credit for making the world of Xenoglyphs so splendid.  His art and designs for the characters are superb.  A good example of this is the villain Anubis. The design he choose for him is simple, but it works for the character.  He may only wear an Egyptian mask and a suit, but he comes off very intimidating and someone not to be messed with.  His covers for the first six issues are a sell for the series too because the cover will always sell a reader on an issue.  PJ Catacutan color choices are excellent because his use of bright colors gives Xenoglyphs so much life and energy.

I recently found out about Xenoglyphs, and I’m glad that I did.  Omar Spahi and PJ Catacutan have created a fast paced and exciting book.  If the first volume is any indicator of the rest of the series, people need to start backing this book on Kickstarter ASAP.  This is a story for everyone to enjoy because it contains action, a good narrative, unique relationships with well-rounded characters, and has a twist of the mystical element as well.  Let’s support this book so we can see these two creators tell their whole story because it would be a shame not see this story told in its entirety.