Wonder Woman #47 Review

Written by James Robinson
Art by Stephen Sogovia and Rick Leonardi
Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

At the end of last issue, Supergirl turned up and threw down the gauntlet to Wonder Woman claiming that Rao was dead and that she was next. The mysterious Dark Gods seemingly have any being with close ties to their own gods under their thrall and are using them to cause chaos, and right now Wonder Woman is a prime target.

In this issue, for the first half at least, we are treated to a battle royale between Kara and Diana as they battle for supremacy in the sky. During the battle Diana is trying to figure out how and why this is happening, and she does her best to try to get Kara to give her some answers. What Diana knows for sure is that Kara’s powers have been augmented somehow – beating Supergirl will be no easy feat for Wonder Woman.

Eventually Wonder Woman manages to subdue Supergirl with the lasso of truth and demands that she give her the answers she seeks. Unfortunately for her and the reader – Kara soon passes out, leaving us back at square one.

The action shifts to the Aegean Islands where Jason is entertaining three women in a restaurant. We soon find out that this is not a social occasion but business – Glaucus has set up this meeting for him with the three sisters of Fate, who can take any physical form and are there to give him some answers about his new powers, his armour and the Dark Gods.

At long last, James Robinson gives us the lowdown on what’s what with Jason as he learns that his armor was meant for Diana, but now that the armor has bonded with him he cannot give it up and must now learn to use his new gifts to be able to take down the Dark Gods. Jason also explains that he can’t figure out how to use more than one of his new abilities at once, or perhaps is not allowed to by Zeus and the old gods. The three Fates interrupt him and inform him that his sister needs him urgently and he should go to help her right now.

At the end of the issue their reunion is complete as they meet up at the nation’s capital. They exchange a few words but are interrupted by a massive presence in the sky. It’s 3 gigantic monoliths that shoot red beams of light straight at them. Diana is ready to step forward and take them on when 3 strange beings appear behind her proclaiming that Wonder Woman must come with them. “The Star Sapphires of Zamaron need you”, and she is whisked away leaving Jason alone with no idea what to do.

The blurb at the end: Follow Wonder Woman and the Star Sapphires as they battle the fate of the Zamaron in Wonder Woman Annual #2. Then in issue #48 see if Jason is a match alone for the Dark Gods! Looks like Jason is on his own next issue. Hopefully the readers are okay with a Diana-less issue – only time will tell.

The story in this issue wasn’t anything special to be honest, as most of the pages were consumed by the fight between Wonder Woman and Supergirl, but the most gratifying part was finally getting some answers about Jason’s powers. Robinson’s run is coming to an end, and I guess he has no choice but to give us the answers he has made us wait so long for. We didn’t get everything of course, but I’m sure more will come now that Robinson is in the endgame part of his run.

The art by Stephen Sogovia was just as good as last issue but it seems he required a little help from Rick Leonardi to get this issue out on time, and Leonardi has done a great job blending his work with Segovia’s. I still long for Lupacchino and Santucci to do more issues, and hopefully they will. I could probably have this question answered immediately, but I avoid solicits as I don’t like to be spoiled story-wise.

Not a ground-breaking issue by any means but a good par for the course if you are a regular Wonder Woman reader.

7 out of 10.