Witchblade #3 Review

Witchblade #3

Written by Caitlin Kittredge
Art by Roberta Ingranata
Color by Bryan Valenza


Alex Underwood died two weeks ago but then came back to life. She is no longer like everyone else because she has come into contact with an ancient artifact jewel bracelet, the Witchblade. It is mystical in nature and has great power. There are mystical agents after her because of what she possesses and one of them has already died twice trying to kill her. Curently there is only one person willing to help her. His name is Ash and he is a custodian of the Witchblade but Alex is unsure if she can trust him yet.


Issue #3 picks up with Alex being called in by the police to investigate a mother and the suspicious disappearance and suspected murder of her daughter. Alex is her advocate and the police are hoping that she can coax answers out of the mother. During the sit-down the Witchblade allows Alex to see that this woman is being possessed by a dark entity and has most likely killed her daughter. She doesn’t realize this until later though, and thinks she is hallucinating.

After meeting with the mother Alex makes her way to an antique shop where we meet Majit. Alex is seeking more answers about the people that are after her and what the wicca marks that they tattoo themselves with mean. While they are discussing this, Majit notices Alex’s bracelet and remarks how it is pre-roman and possibly Byzantine and he’d like to buy it from her. As he grabs her hand to get a closer look, the dark entity within the bracelet manifests in a nearby mirror as a projection and is begging her to start accessing the power of the Witchblade and to fight. Alex brings forth a long tentacle from her bracelet and whips the entity into submission. Majit cannot believe what he has just witnessed. Alex is just impressed with how well he reacts to what just happened.

Alex goes back to see the mother suspected for her daughter’s disappearance/murder before she is going to be shipped off to Rikers in the morning. This time the dark entity that is possessing the mother does not hold back and attacks Alex in the interrogation room. Alex fights her off but not before the entity has had a chance to posture and proclaim how it is the big bad and everything Alex has encountered so far is nothing compared to what is coming next. The issue ends with Alex meeting up with Ash and asking for the help that he has promised her since they first met. We’re left with the cliffhanger of Alex letting him know that she needs to learn how to perform an exorcism.


Caitlin Kittredge is doing a great job so far on this title, teasing answers and fleshing out Alex and her past struggles. Even though I want more answers, it is not frustrating because part of the charm is the slow discovery. Allusions are made to her past and how she has buried her feelings about them and you get a sense that Kittredge is going to make them bubble up to the surface and get things to come to a head shortly. The first signs of comedic relief have been introduced with the character of Majit and I think Kittredge will be using him to good effect to break the tension as required in future issues.

The pencils and ink by Roberta Ingranata and Bryan Valenza fit the mood of this title so well. There is this dark haze that the art has to it that I really respond to. It is gritty, but not grainy and the winter backdrops bring a mild depression to the overall tone of the story. I normally favour sharp definition and Ingranata’s style may not be for everyone but it fits for me, and for this title in my opinion.


This title is not getting the attention I feel it deserves right now. I think it is very underrated and could use some social media love to help propel it forward. If you have not read the previous two issues, I highly recommend picking them up and giving Witchblade a try.