Witchblade #2 Review

Witchblade #2

Written by: Caitlin Kittredge
Art by: Roberta Ingranat
Color by: Bryan Valenza

Issue #2 picks up with Alexandria in a police interrogation room trying to piece together what’s happened in the last two days. Alexandria was caught up in a domestic violence situation that turned very ugly and the abuser, Blake Groves is now dead by her hand.

The mysterious Ash we met in the opening issue is doing his best to help Alexandria put the pieces together and give her the skinny on the Witchblade, but she’s not in the mood. Remember the dead guy, Groves? Well he’s just gone and come back to life in the morgue attacking Alexandria while she was in there alone. After a struggle, she manages to repel him and sever his hand, which we say has a Wiccan tattoo on it, we now assume this is what has allowed him to pull the Frankenstein.

A new character, Detective Burrows, is introduced and just before we have a chance to figure out if Alex can trust him, we see that he has the same Wiccan tattoo as Blake Groves. Alex makes a point of mentioning it when Burrows threatens her. He is taken aback, “You can see it ?” he asks. Alex then she’s tipped her hand. Not everyone can see the tattoos.

Caitlin Kittredge’s first two issues have presented the reader with a nice mysterious beginning to Volume 2 of Witchblade. We still barely now anything about how Alex came into contact with the Witchblade and that is surely coming in the next couple of issues as Kittredge drip feeds us clue by clue, while introducing the opening arc antagonists. My curiousity is peaked!

Roberta Ingranat’s art really agrees with me, it’s very haunting and the color by Bryan Valenza is superb, I love all the shadows he uses. It’s not perfect though, and some pages look better than others and I think the visuals of the unfurling Witchblade could be more refined and hopefully will be in future issues, but alas, these are just minor nitpicks.

This new series is far removed from the previous Volume and the short lived TV series, and that is such a good thing! I love this new take on Witchblade and eagerly await Issue #3.