Wasted Space #1 Review

Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Jim Campbell

First, I can’t help but notice how awesome both of these covers are for this first issue. On cover A, there is the superbly talented Marguerite Savauge, and cover B interior artist Hayden Sherman did a kick ass job as well. Just because a cover is a good doesn’t necessarily mean the issue will be good, but Wasted Space was definitely a good first issue. This first issue already establishes that this story will not be your typical sci-fi adventure, and that bodes very well for this book.

The first issue introduces us to Billy Bane, and he is one fascinating character. Billy Bane once had everything he could ask for and more, but now his life is a mess. He no longer wants the old life he once had and essentially wants to waste his life away, whether he’s floating aimlessly in space or hanging out with his buddy Dust, who is a fuq bot. He’s all of a sudden thrown back into his old life when he comes across Molly Sue. She needs him for this vital mission, and he needs to decide whether it’s really worth his time or not.  This issue is off to a wonderful start, and that’s thanks to writer Michael Moreci and the art team of Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie.

If you’re not familiar with Michael Moreci, please rectify that mistake immediately.  He has a feel for everything sci-fi which is evident in a book like Roche Limit, and this book is no different.  In this book though, Wasted Space is going to be more of an adventurous title with more off beat characters.  The book starts off with the line, “The galaxy is totally fucked.”, so that ought to let you know what type of book this is going to be.  Not meant to take itself too seriously, but it’ll still tell a riveting story in the process.  Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie also shine as the art time as well.  The gritty art style for this space adventure is perfect for this book, and I hope to see the art continue to excel in future issues.  This first issue is worth your time because it has an intriguing premise, cool characters, and it seems like it will absolutely be worth the ride.