Unnatural #6: The Albino

Writer, Artist, and Colorist: Mirka Andolfo
Colors Assistant: Gianluca Papi
Lettering: Fabio Amelia

Unnatural continues to formulate its own roads when sticking to genre and the tropes they follow. Unnatural felt as if it started as a political drama, then a romance drama by the end of issue two, a murder mystery by the end of issue three, and then a full on supernatural book by the end of issue four. The mystery following Leslie is the only constant in the story and keeps the book afloat. 

Mirka Andolfo has created a story that could be a great series, with a multi-book platform. Having one book telling this story seems very cluttered and makes it hard to follow. There’s just not enough information given to the reader to care about Leslie’s ties to this Albino, and possible past life as Bes. The study of this Tijoux everyone seems to be referencing is a subject the reader knows nothing about. The only knowledge we know about it, is that it got Trish killed. It very well be a plot device of Andolfo’s to keep the Tijoux a mystery for the sake of the story but without it, Leslie’s story gets lost in between. 

The Glance and his cult are clearly the antagonist of this story, but we see that this small group of individuals Leslie has been forced into, don’t have Leslie’s best interests in mind. Which begs the question of who is the real villain? There may be a classic plot twist where the crazy cult is really the protagonist but as of right now it is very unlikely. 

The Albino is officially a bad guy. A force of evil that was in centuries past, in need of sacrifices. With Leslie being Bes reincarnate, the Albino’s lust craves Leslie, latching onto her soul mentally and emotionally due to him not having a full functioning body. 

Jones continues to be an annoying sub-villain to the glance, but we also get to see his father, who is some sort of “doctor” who brands those who have broken the law and are deemed “Unnatural” a bit of cruel and unusual punishment, but they clearly don’t have those types of laws. His father doesn’t seem to be too happy with Jones on the account that he let Leslie get away, but more so because they could have been rich and powerful in the process. 


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