Unnatural #4 Review

Written by Mirka Andolfo
Art by Mirka Andolfo
Colors by Mirka Andolfo & Gianluca Papi
Letters by Fabio Amelia

Mirka Andolfo started Unnatural strong with a tease of a forbidden love, a quirky lovable female lead, and a possible hope for change in this conservative anthropomorphic world. With issue four, all but one of these seem to still stick. This forbidden love, doesn’t even seem to have been love at all. And as far as change in the society of Unnatural? Well, that may just be put on hold for now.

Leslie has lost her best friend, and with no real evidence Leslie seems to be the prime suspect in her death. She’s not even able to attend the funeral properly. The politics and legal system in this world are severally frightening. With this still only being the beginning of Andolfo’s story, I am sure there is plenty of world building to show that this is not always the case. Leslie is unable to go anywhere with all of her belongings being confiscated by the authorities, so Derek offers her a place to stay with him.

From this point on, Mirka lost me. She got a reaction from me, and I couldn’t stop reading. This simply because I was trying to wrap my head around what had just happened, and where exactly Mirka is trying to go with this story.

Leslie falls asleep, which we all know means only one thing. That Big Bad Wolf is back. This time it wasn’t a fantasy, Leslie felt as though it was a memory. The wolf attacked, and she retaliated. The memory showed the two very close, the wolf calling Leslie his bride, so once again, what is the point? It reminds me of the scenes from the movie The Mummy Returns (2001).¬†I may be too fixated on the original story points with Leslie being old enough for the Reproduction Program and being forced to find a mate. This new supernatural aspect of the story seems a bit outside of left field for me to understand.

To make matters worse, that jerk with his two rabbit friends is back. And they kill Derek! Leslie’s only two known friends dead! With literally on one else in her life, the only person there for her, a complete stranger, a wolf. A wolf, that knows about Leslie’s past but claims that he is not the same wolf. So if any real thoughts have to be made about this stranger, he is probably someone who is suppose to inherit this wolf’s past, or maybe he is part of another cult or organization in this story.

This story along with its art is too good to let go of now, even if my head hurts trying to make sense of this months issue. Mirka has done an excellent job drawing readers in and flipping the table at the last moment. It won’t be long until the true nature of Leslie’s dreams is revealed and Mirka’s storytelling will begin to clear.


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