Transformers Unicron #3

Writen by John Barber
Art by Alex Milne
Colors by Sebastian Cheng & David Garcia Cruz
Letters by Tom B. Long

With Unicron at Cybertron’s front door, all hell is breaking loose.

The fight with Unicron has reached its peak, or so it seems. And as epically cinematic as this issue may be, it gets cluttered and a little disorienting with heavy dialogue and a large amount of characters. With such a great series, it was a bit disappointing to have the need to reread several panels to even understand where the story is going from one panel to the other. And as stand alone as I believed this mini series was playing out, this issue throws that out the window. Many references to other IDW titles of the Transformers series’ came into play with this issue, including a story from ROM’s title as well.

As everything is happening, Cybertronians begin to fight to survive, not waiting for direct demands, just taking the ships and fight Unicron and his followers. This is where the dialogue is at its heaviest. In the midst of battle, several conversations are taking place. I am still unsure if it was the heavy dialogue itself or the fact that there is so so much art and structure with these huge machines that made the dialogue so hard to keep track of. Not to discredit Alex Milne, he along with the color artists make a beautiful book, but as a person who is not used to reading Transformers titles, it’s a bit overwhelming at times.

With Optimus, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Acree, and Windblade making their final thoughts on what the next move may be, Unicron gets his hands on Cybertron right before the end of the issue. With just three more issues to tell this nail biting story, it seems like the story couldn’t get any worse for the Cybertronians.


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