Titans #24 Review

Writer: Dan Abnett
Art:Brent Peeples and Matt Santorelli
Letters: Dave Sharpe

The Spark part 2.

The new look Titans, consisting of Nightwing, Raven, Steel, Beast Boy and Donna Troy head out to San Francisco under orders from The Justice League with Miss Martian acting as a League liaison. While investigation Source Wall energy, Raven and Steel encounter an older gentleman named Ernest Hinton who is eerily calm and cool. All of a sudden, the Titans are attached by Purple monsters. Turns out, they’re the creation of Ernest’s failed Sci-Fi books brought to life! Miss Martian points out, Source Wall Energy has turned Ernest into a Meta. While The Titans start to battle the monsters, Seneschal Prince Travesty makes his presence felt. He’s a charming and odd villain. He tells Nightwing it’s their fault they are on Earth.

While this is going on, Miss Martian explains Mr. Hinton how this is happening and offers a solution. With the help of Raven, they’ll isolate the Source Wall energy and remove it. Raven and Miss Martian are successful and everything goes back to “normal”. Throughout this whole issue, Miss Martian has the team linked up through a telepathic link. This dynamic is something I found to be great. The mind link is used to help set up and show the distrust of Miss Martian and Question her leadership. Nightwing, Donna and Steel all had issues with M’Gann

One of the most intriguing side stories in Titans is Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter. What is her true plan? Why do the Justice League want her specifically?   

When The Titans get transported  to Unearth, M’Gann and Raven work together to “erase” the Source Wall energy from Ernest and return to Earth. What they don’t realize is Ernest and Prince Travesty are still together and somehow Raven gets trapped in Ernest’s sci-fi world The Unearth! How will she get out! Who will rescue her!?

Art: Love the art on  this book, Peeples and Santorelli replaces Brandon Peterson this issue. They didn’t miss a beat. The art pops in this issue. Love the way they drew every Titan, especially M’Gann and Raven. This issue was like a game of D&D.

Overall: 8/10. I liked the dynamic of Ernest not wanting to return to real world and get help and instead stay in a fictional world where he’s beloved. This compares well to today’s society where people escape a tough life they don’t like by engulfing themselves in social  media. Not dealing with issues at hand. This issue was also chock full of funny references and moments. From Beast Boy’s Peter Jackson reference to a badass unicorn fight! Yes, I said Unicorn fight! The issue could have been improved by a better villain. Just wasn’t feeling this Prince Travesty fellow.

Although I do very much so miss Wally, Omen, Tempest and Roy being on Titans. This new squad doesn’t disappoint and should only get better. Give Titans a chance, Dan Abnett won’t let y’all down.

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