Titans #22

Written by, Dan Abnett
Pencils by, Paul Pelletier
Inks by, Andrew Hennessy
Colors by, Adriano Lucas
Letters by, Carlos Mangual
Reviewed by, Tom Zimm


Previously in Titans, “The Brain” along with his primate sidekick Mallah have been implementing a plan to take control of the world. Roy Harper, who has hit rock bottom due to drug and alcohol use, discovered a lead to a diabolical threat, but who will believe him? Having been left for dead by his friends and former team, it is up to Roy to save the world. Will anyone come to his rescue or follow the lead he discovered, which could save the world?

This issue begins in the Justice League Watchtower. There are multiple simultaneous weather events occurring worldwide. The Flash and Batman struggle to identify a clue as to what is the cause. The Justice League moves to respond to each event individually. Donna Troy holds important information, which she received from Roy Harper, and that could be the key to unlocking the mysterious threat.  However, one by one the heroes shut her down until Batman tells Donna to go to her room, literally. At this point she leaves the watchtower in search of Roy Harper.

As the story continues, it toggles back and forth between a scene with Mallah, the ape-assistant, and The Brain. They have found a way to increase The Brain’s functions which allows him to control the weather patterns on earth. The Brain has blocked the Justice League from tracking his efforts. Meanwhile, Roy Harper is in Manhattan and is seen fighting a group of assailants, who overwhelm him, while Cheshire, the deadly assassin, watches. When it seems that he has failed, Cheshire steps in to finish him off. Enter Donna Troy who defeats Cheshire and provides Roy the opportunity he needs to defeat his assailants. Roy and Donna proceed to the “End-of-World” headquarters where they hope to confront The Brain.

Overall 7.5/10

Final Impressions

My first observation has to do with Batman. He seems to be consistently put in the “old grumpy, and always wrong” corner of the DC universe in several books, including this one. Batman is dismissive and disrespectful toward Donna Troy, to his discredit.

Moving past that, the story is both action-packed with some emotional depth. For example, the entire Justice League is required to stymie the weather events that are destroying the earth. While this occurs, Donna Troy responds with loyalty and courage to save Roy and potentially save the planet.

There is nothing wrong with the art: it’s good enough but nothing stands out. Titans seems to be one of these DC books that moves on the beat of its own drum. Although the entire Justice League is present, the story has little connection to the larger universe. If you’ve been reading this book, I would continue to pick it up. I wouldn’t recommend this book to the casual reader because nothing really stands out.  

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Tom Zimm
I am a licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist that works with children. I've been interested in comic book heroes since I was a young child. However, it's been in the last 3-4 years that I've been making the weekly trip to the local comic book store to redeem my pull list. DC's Rebirth really won me over, especially Geoff Johns' 80-page book. My favorite properties include The Flash and The Incredible Hulk. My criteria for a good comic book include taking stupid and fun seriously while remaining self-aware.