The Wild Storm #17 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Brian Buccellato and Steve Buccellato

As a nod to the past Gen 13, Team 7, etc universe and as a bridge to future series/spin-offs, writer Warren Ellis is crafting something special with Wild Storm. Chapter seventeen lands this week with more, more, more of what makes the title so damn good. Artist Jon Davis-Hunt and colorist Steve Buccellato manage to bring Ellis’ crazy sci-fi/politi-tech-thriller to life in a way that never feels anything less than magical, and as the last several installments have subtly upped the tension from simmer to boil, #17 slows down to focus on character motivations.

Resembling a Cohen brothers opening sequence of clouds and endless American landscapes, we meet John Lynch as he finds Stephen Rainmaker. Father of Sarah Rainmaker, Stephen is a peaceful former member of Lynch’s team. Through their conversation we learn his violent tendencies have given way to a more relaxed approach to this I.O. past. This is a beautiful sequence as the coloring should be in an art gallery!

The majority of the remaining comic gives us readers a point-counterpoint between Jacob Marlowe’s galactic outlook and those of the “daemonites”. In Halo’s safehouse Marlowe and Kenesha discuss Spica as Angie uses her tech to spy on them. The big daemon reveal to Angie includes a wonderful “Authority” reference as well as plenty of clues to go on. Also, I really enjoy that the newspaper they read is The Daily Planet.

There is a brief epilogue here with psycho Marc Slayton attempting to enter a house with murderous intent only to be scared off by powerful forces cloaked in shadow. I don’t understand it yet, but I can’t wait to learn more.

Wild Storm #17 manages to tell a spectacular tale while setting up worlds & characters that could live on well-past the stated twenty-four chapters of this flagship title. Every panel, word, and color choice on display here is perfectly woven into the narrative. As usual, this is a comic every pull list should include.


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