The Wild Storm #15 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils, Inks, and Cover by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Steve Buccellato and John Kalisz

For about a year, I have been praising Wild Storm to what sometimes feels like an empty internet void. Who else is reading this series? I know other like-minded individuals are as engrossed and as in love with the work writer Warren Ellis and artist Jon Davis-Hunt (plus the rest of the wonderful team, etc) as I am, but how come this title isn’t the best selling title every month? This week #15 comes out, and again, it’s great, and again, you should read it.

This is a damn novel, not a comic book. I mean, yes of course it’s a comic because the art is brilliant and tells fifty percent of the story, but the structure is so unique. I feel I’m in chapter 15 of the most violent Phillip K. Dick book he never wrote. This week there is bloodshed, the slow march towards total oblivion, Bendix yells “fart”, and I sense a Lucy Blaze spin off series in the works.

What makes this particular chapter so good is the dialog and character development. It’s funny and terrifying all at once. Miles Craven and Henry Bendix are two of the most foul comic characters ever, yet their subordinates are hysterical and clever. Jackie King in the case of IO and Craven is an exquisite character. Her mad deductions and thirst for vengeance make her a character to watch out for.

This book has many characters that are beyond intriguing. There’s also a lot to keep up with as this chapter includes a psychedelic set piece with Jack Hawksmoor that would be incredibly confusing if you have missed an issue or two. The art is beautiful and jaw-droppingly scary. Meanwhile Skywatch is giving Lucy Blaze a not so coveted road trip assignment because of her one-woman killing abilities are for sure going to be her murder in NYC.

Finally, out in the middle of nowhere middle America John Lynch continues his hunt for IO’s Project Thunderbook team who are in hiding and who are dangerous. Yet unlike the previous two encounters, Lynch seems to have a clear advantage over one Phillip Chang. The panels in this sequence are my personal faves of the entire run thus far. Snappy banter between the two men leads to a sudden showdown and more killing. This is a violent issue folks!

Beautiful carnage and witty, intelligent dialog mark this installment of the Wild Storm as a must read. This comic is one of the best out there today so I say get into to it before our real world descends further into dystopian pits.


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