The Wild Storm #13 Review

After a very long (insufferably so for us fans!) hiatus between issue twelve and now this week’s thirteenth chapter, Wild Storm is back, and we’re on the road (and in space of course!).
To begin the second half of this twenty-four issue series, we are once again thrown into a world that is completely insane and grounded at the same time. What happens in Ellis’ script is such a slow simmer that most big two comics creators would have crammed the first twelve chapters into six and sacrificed the near perfect language & brilliant imagery that fills these books. It’s like reading a movie! Davis-Hunt & co. produce truly stunning art!
This issue has a lot going on, but one more word about the pacing. Is this the start of only day number two? If I’m not mistaken the first twelve issues covered exactly one day. Now I’m not 100% certain about this, as I’m eager to find time to go back and re-read this whole story from the start, but if my memory isn’t completely mashed by the life of parenting a toddler, then I do believe this latest issue – the exact halfway point – marks the start of a new day.
Anyway, all that being said, pour ye a strong, strong cup of coffee and dive into this comic! It’s another great installment obviously…and yet again, so little is really happening except character/world building – oh and gross alien bodies…IO has now been pushed to the brink of war, Skywatch is ready to fight IO, and a long forgotten IO director named John Lynch has a mission to warn his former secret “Thunderbook” subjects that bad vibes are going to find them. This is not easy to describe in quick, non-spoiler language, as I believe it would be best for comic fans to discover the hidden gems in these panels independent of me waxing blowhard about the majesty of the creative achievement that lies within.
8.5 out of 10
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