The Wild Storm #12 Review


Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by: Steve Buccellato 

Like they say in “sports,” we have reached halftime in the new Wild Storm universe with #12 of 24. Twelve issues down and now the threads are coming together for what will probably be an explosive second half. Warren Ellis’ writing thus far has been as slow a burn as I’ve ever read, but with that said, not a word, gesture, or blood-shed has been wasted. Same goes for artist Jon Davis-Hunt…this comic continues to be a must read each month.
The plot can be quickly summed up in one word HACKING. IO is hacking Skywatch and Grifter’s rogue CAT team is hacking IO. Skywatch is caught between and wants revenge. Thus we have all the prelude to war one could hope for in this thrilling sci-fi action story.
About halfway into this book there is one of the most wonderfully rendered action scenes I’ve ever seen. Grifter’s team is inside an IO facility and instead of being stealthy they find themselves in front of many armed IO individuals. The Peckinpah-ish storyboard for this fight is incredible. The colors shift between full ROYGBIV and sepia toned. It is awe inspiring in the perfectly rendered sequence.
After all this goes down and the hacking groups are found out all hell breaks loose. The apeshit crazy Kurtz characterization of Henry Bendix of Skywatch is frightening and spellbinding. His madness leads Lucy Blaze to some cold-blooded This chapter ends with a reveal of John Lynch. IO’s former director and author of something called “Project Thunderbook”. His weathered Sam Elliot face is made for movie adaptation and I just get the feeling that over the next few issues we will learn some crazy shit about this old coot.
Hands down this is one of the best pieces of comic art being produced today. The trades will no doubt be a great way to catch up, but really this should be read as an on-going monthly wild ride.