The Unexpected #4 Review

Written by Steve Orlando
Pencils by Yvel Guichet and Cary Nord
Inks by Yvel Guichet, Scott Hanna, Cary Nord, and Wade von Grawbadger
Colored by Jeromy Cox and FCO Plascencia

The first thing I noticed while reading through issue four of The Unexpected is the overall improvement in the quality of the artwork throughout the whole issue, whereas issue three had different degrees of artwork due to changing artists mid run. Issue four kept a good standard all throughout, which I was glad to see.

We pick the story off right where we left off in the last issue, Firebrand and Neon have entered Gotham City with the mysterious, unstable and very dangerous Nth metal isotope. They are looking for Batman, but what they get is the Huntress, and after a brief hot headed battle between Firebrand and Huntress, level minds take over as Duke Thomas aka The Signal arrives, and Neon and he agree to work on this new threat together.

I really enjoyed the unexpected inclusion of Duke Thomas, as I’m a fan of his character growth over the years, and the way DC Comics have slowly built him up in a good way. I liked seeing Duke take charge here in this story, and how his unique Photokinetic Vision power showed us a glimpse of what may come down the road, opening us up to a greater mission beyond what laid before us so far, as well as giving us the name of a new threat that our Unexpected heroes may have to face the deeper we get into this series.

Overall this issue had a pretty good pace with the storytelling, the dialogue between characters and the fast action fight scenes, and I definitely enjoyed it more than the previous issue. By including more characters from the established DC Comics Universe, I feel that’s helping to make these new heroes feel like they are slowly becoming apart of that universe, which I feel is a smart move, because it not only helps build these new characters, but it also offers a chance for a character like the signal to shine bright, if even only for a single issue. With another unexpected hero entering the story at the tale end of this book, and a new layer added to the mystery of the Nth metal isotope, I’m intrigued enough to continue forward and follow this arc through.

I give The Unexpected #4 6 out of 10

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