The New Challengers #4 Review

Written by Scott Snyder & Aaron Gillespie
Art by V Ken Marion & Sandu Florea
Colors by Dinei Ribeiro
Letters by Deron Bennett

As the Challengers still fight to survive and retrieve the bone of the Dark Multiverse being, we learn a little more of Bethany’s backstory and how she died in order to become a Challenger.

The formula for the past few issues of The New Challengers has been simple, move one step towards the story, and move four steps backwards for explanation purposes. The backstory of each Challenger does help readers understand who these new characters are, but unfortunately taking so much time on those backstories keep from the progression of the overall story. It’s unclear if it’s due to the fact of just wanting to push these issues out as fast as possible or just poor planning but these stories should be told once every other arc or so. The shock factor last issue with Prof killing (spoiler) helped with wanting to know more about the story, but this issue felt like just a filler with no real purpose. Bethany’s backstory helped pushed the story forward only because Snyder and Gillespie decided to use her apparent second death as a way to bring another version of Bethany to Challengers Mountain.

As for the other Challengers, it was clear the writers felt the need to get these character’s hands dirty, for what seemed to be just for the blood factor, the Challengers were able to rip dinosaurs and orcs limbs clean off with sheer force. Krunch using this kind of force is believable, but having Moses tear the head off of an Orc was a bit much and deserved a slight eye role. Even with their new found strength the Challengers seemed to have failed with Challengers Mountain in flames and the new threat of Bethzarro now after them. With events getting weirder and weirder, the only way to go is up from here, with low expectations I still believe that Snyder has a plan for this series and hope to see great things in the new issues to come.

The story may be confusing, but the art is simply beautiful. Marion, Florea, and Ribeiro are a match made in heaven. At no point did this get boring to look at, and if there’s anything to be said, this art team needs to be attached to an ongoing Green Arrow title.

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