The Green Lantern #2 Review

Story: Grant Morrison
Art: Liam Sharp
Colors: Steve Oliff

The Green Lantern #2 delves deeper into the vastness of the cosmos as Hal Jordan is called in to investigate the escape of a very old foe. Hal soon learns that he is only beginning to scratch the surface of a much bigger plot at work.

I am going to do my best to keep this review short, because honestly, you need to be giving all of your reading time to this issue! I (along with everyone else) was so excited to hear that Grant Morrison would be taking over the Green Lantern titles and turning them into The Green Lantern. Morrison is one of those creators that when you see their name on a cover at the shop, you know you are absolutely going to pick it up. This series is way more than I expected, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite titles period. And to be fair, I’m only saying “one of”, because it’s only the second issue.

The thing I love most about this series so far is not Hal himself; it’s all the other Lanterns. This issue brings us even more weird and interesting Lanterns (though I’m not sure it’s possible to get weirder than one of my new favorites, Floozle Flem). We’ve seen so many different types of alien lifeforms take on the mantle of Green Lantern (from Kilowog to the sentient planet Mogo), but this series really leans into the wide variety of Lanterns there are in the galaxy, and Hal seems to be the lone human. This issue feels the imagination running wild. Even more than that, it’s Liam Sharp and Grant Morrison’s collective imagination running wild, which is bonkers and beautiful. Steve Oliff’s colors elevate the artwork so much. In the first few panels we see the galaxy, in all it beauty, fade away into an absolute void. This allows color to play with light and build the suspense of what is to come.

The story itself is hard not to get sucked into. The thing I most appreciated was the humor that ran throughout this issue. This story has all the ingredients to be a rather heavy issue, but I found myself legitimately laughing out loud a lot. I absolutely love the return of Evil Star in this issue (even if it is mostly because they make fun of his name). We also get to meet Grant Morrison’s big bad for the arc/series, Controller Mu. Mu’s plan is terrifying and has pretty immediate repercussions. The concept of super soldiers is by no means a new concept, but alien super soldiers (especially with Sharp and Oliff bringing us the visual) is “end of everything” scary. It sets the stage for Hal to do what Hal does, which is to face unwinnable odds and win, though it’s not really clear how Hal and the rest of the Lanterns really stand a chance. I thought Cyborg Superman, Eon, and the Ravagers at the end of Green Lanterns was a lot for the Corp to deal with, but this seems worse; by a lot.

If this issue is not in your stack when you walk out of your local comic shop, then your stack is incomplete. Even if you are a digital reader, go to the closest comic shop and pick up a physical copy, you will want to have this on your shelf. The artwork is simply gorgeous and brings all these incredible looking alien Lanterns to life. The story itself is pretty captivating and delivers some pretty solid belly laughs. I would love to keep talking about this issue, but I said I’d keep it short, you need to go read it, and I need to go read it again (for the 4th or 5th time)!


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Anthony is an Arizona comedian and one of the hosts of Read a (Comic) Book! Podcast.