The Flash #54

Written by, Joshua Williamson
Art by, Christian Duce
Colors by, Luis Guerrero
Letters by, Steve Wands

The issue begins, The Flash has been transformed by The Strength Force and he is now one of the strongest people on the planet along with The Trickster. Commander Cold confronts them both while Warden Wolfe chides him on in the background. However, both Trickster and The Flash escape, and Trickster confronts Wolfe for how he mistreated and bullied him when he was in Iron Heights. The Flash learns that he can manipulate gravity by influencing the weight of objects. He uses his newfound understanding of the Strength Force during the ending battle sequence. However, Trickster appears to have learned the most valuable lesson using his strength to save others when a section of Iron Heights Prison collapses on a group of Rogues.

The entertainment value in this issue has to do with lessons learned. The Flash learned that his connection to The Strength Force restored a sense of agency for him as he previously felt that everything in his life was out of control. Iris learns that Barry continues to struggle to work with others when she witnesses Barry’s final argument with Commander Cold. The dialogue in this issue is not too on the nose and felt organic, which made the story enjoyable. However the best part comes when Trickster admits that he never wanted to be the hero, just fair treatment for the little guy.

The art in this issue was strong in places. For example, The Trickster looked amazing with large features and his multi-colored suit. However, the art never presented any highlight-real moments of The Flash and his lightning connection to The Speed Force. Furthermore, the facial features of characters appeared to be a little clunky at times even if it didn’t pull me out of the story. Still the depiction of Commander Cold was rustic and appealing making it the strength of this issue artistically.  

Overall = 8.5

Final Impressions

Williamson continues to shine as he skillfully weaves emotional depth into each character and creates organic relationship dilemmas that feel earned.  I highly recommend this book for fans of The Flash, however, the story has some work to do before it piques my interest in the newly introduced forces, which were first revealed in The Justice League story arc. Williamson will no doubt find a creative way to not only introduce The Sage Force in the next issue but how will it impact The Flash!

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Tom Zimm
I am a licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist that works with children. I've been interested in comic book heroes since I was a young child. However, it's been in the last 3-4 years that I've been making the weekly trip to the local comic book store to redeem my pull list. DC's Rebirth really won me over, especially Geoff Johns' 80-page book. My favorite properties include The Flash and The Incredible Hulk. My criteria for a good comic book include taking stupid and fun seriously while remaining self-aware.