The Cape: Fallen Review

Created by: Joe Hill & Jason Ciaramella
Script: Jason Ciaramella
Art: Zach Howard
Colors: Nelson Daniel
Letters: Shawn Lee

This is the first issue of the mini-series, and this issue did a good job laying the groundwork for future issues. The Cape: Fallen comes from the original series The Cape, and this series is following our main character Eric after he disappeared for three days to learn how to control his powers. If you have read the original series, you’ll more than likely be a fan of this as well. Eric is still a troubled individual, but he seems like he wants to change for the better in this issue.  As the issue begins, Eric is reminiscing about this cabin his father used to take him and his brother, and it’s quite beautiful.  It was a happier time in his life but as he finishes reminiscing he discovers a few people in the cabin, and he is not too pleased.  Eric would’ve killed those people especially when he finds out one of the people there gave him a hard time when he was younger.  Turns out the people in the cabin are quite nice and just LARPERS (Live Action Role Players), and are just having fun. Eric decides to take part in their game and finds himself having fun. As the issue wraps up, Eric is given a gift and an apology from Josh, the person that gave him a hard time in school, and is all smiles because of it. As Eric falls asleep though, he is woken up by a horrific nightmare and even wakes a few of the other LARPERS.

Jason Ciaramella tries his best to paint Eric in a different light in this issue, but the question is will it stick?  Eric is not known for being nice, having patience, or very forgiving, but he tries his best to rectify all these things.  Although Jason Ciaramella is trying to show the reader that Eric might be trying to change, he still manages to have a little of his creep factor shine through.  Eric eludes to killing his wife when Josh asks about her, Eric chooses to be a dark wizard during their game, and even admits that he should want to kill Josh.  These hints that Jason Ciaramella drops may have Eric only being a changed person for a short time. 

Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel return to the series to show readers why they are one of the big reasons this series was nominated for an Eisner Award. The art and colors in this first issue are top notch and show through right on the cover of the issue. The cover lets the reader know just how dark Eric is even though all you see is his face, but that’s all you need to see to know that he isn’t a good person. The splash page toward to end of book is where Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel really shine in this issue. On this page, it’s a nightmare that wakes Eric up, and it should’ve woken him up. His wife is free falling, his mother appears to be possessed, skulls and tentacles everywhere, and many other eerie things are taking place as well.  Nelson Daniel does an outstanding job with the color on this page because there is so much going on, but makes sure your eye pays attention to every single detail on the page.

I read the original series and loved it, and I have good feeling about the start of this series. If you haven’t read the original, do so asap.  You’ll see why this series was nominated for an Eisner, and it’ll give you a better feel for Eric as a character. The original team returns on the series so be prepared to be amazed again. I definitely recommend picking up this issue, and the first series can be read for free with a trial subscription on Comixology Unlimited, so no excuses not to be caught up.


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