Terrifics #1 Review

Terrifics #1

Written by Ivan Reis & Jeff Lemire
Art by Joe Prado & Marcelo Maiolo on colors

With the events of Dark Knights: Metal past, Michael Holt, aka Mr Terrific, visits Simon Stagg, the man who took Terrifictech from Michael Holt. Upon arrival, Mr. Terrific found that Stagg successfully opened the a door to the Dark Multiverse and wanted to use Metamorpho to find out what was on the inside. With the reintroduction to Plastic Man the trio quickly finds themselves on a very unwelcoming galactic sized corps with an army of pesky alien creatures. The fight quickly stops when a woman by the name of Linnya Wazzo pleads for everyone to stop. With quick introductions Mr. Terrific is still interested in some distress call his T-spheres are picking up and finds the source to a hologram machine revealing Tom Strong.

This book by far is the best out of the New Age of Heroes books that have spun out of Metal. With heroes that have established backgrounds and fanbases, this book was made to have a formidable following. Although the book was a quick read, it didn’t hurt the book at all, with every hero having just enough to say to get the point across for this first issue. Reis and Lemire explained everything for first time readers to not get confused, but left them wanting more with the tease of Tom Strong.

Joe Prado was amazing in this issue, he made every panel clear and detailed and I love his emotion he gave Plastic Man. His art gave the vibe of being in a completely new place for the DC Universe.