Teen Titans #20 Review

Written by Adam Glass
Art by Bernard Chang
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

The new Teen Titans are here, and Adam Glass is introducing three new faces that most readers would not be familiar with. First there is Crush, daughter of Lobo – who is a chip off the old block. Second is Roundhouse, a viewtube sensation that can ball up and launch himself at enemies – he makes the team on Kid Flash’s say-so as a package deal and is one of two brand new characters. The last newcomer is Djinn- who is a 3000 year old genie who has still not scratched the surface of her limitless powers.

In this first issue the Teen Titans go head to head with Brother Blood, who was teased at the end of the Teen Titans special that came out recently to help relaunch the title. Glass does a great job with this introductory issue that is designed to give everyone the 411 on the new team and the dynamics of who is leading and who is following. From this issue it seems that Damian and Emiko will take the lead, but Kid Flash will be able to throw in his two cents from time to time.

There are no real laugh out loud moments during the issue, but there is a little bit of humour in terms of name calling among the team that provides some comic relief. With three familiar characters and three unknowns, it is clear that Glass is looking to create a team where the rules have yet to be defined and to play off that unknown element whenever possible. Just like with the previous team, everything will hinge on Damian as his character and decisions will drive each story.

Bernard Chang’s art in this issue is great, his lines are sharp, and Crush looks amazing. Chang never fails to deliver no matter what title he is on, and Glass will want him to stick around as long as possible as he is a perfect foil. The colors are also spot on in this issue as Marcelo Maiolo’s choices are vibrant and make all the characters come alive and convey the darkness required for Brother Blood.

This new beginning is encouraging for Teen Titans as a whole, and the new characters show promise with only a minor reservation held in regards to Roundhouse in terms of what he will offer in substance.

7 out of 10.

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