Teen Titans #19 Review

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Scott Eaton
Inks by Wayne Faucher
Colors by Jim Charalampidis

This issue is the “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” finale and if you have not been keeping up, what you need to know is that Beast Boy and a whole slew of the public have had a VR chip implanted in their heads and are being subjected to images and thoughts that are influencing their decisions and making them act without fear.

The Teen Titans are in a head to head battle with Joran (she is responsible for the VR chips) and Gar, and they have to be mindful of not hurting any members of the public that are under the chip’s influence. Since the Teen Titans have not been the most cohesive of units lately, the main hurdle for them during the battle this issue is their confidence and execution. What we get see, through Percy’s story, is a rebuilding of broken bridges and the making of new ones as some friendships start to get repaired and relationships start to blossom.

The team dealing with Joran and the inevitable reconciliation with Gar are almost procedural in this issue, and most of this is unavoidable as the Scott Snyder No Justice crossover starting next issue coupled with Percy moving on to Nightwing meant that all decks needed to cleared with haste. However, it should be mentioned that Damian’s methods for getting through to Gar this issue are subtlety and finesse, which in the past has not been how he has resolved his problems with team members and other fellow superheroes, so there was some definite character growth explored here by Percy, which was nice, as I don’t like when Damian is written so one-dimensional, as I know, having read so many comics with Damian in them that he is so much more than that.

The art in this issue is of a very high standard. Scott Eaton and Wayne Faucher should be commended for that because they are true professionals. The work from these two along with Jim Charalampidis’ colors always turns out great, and it really helps that this title is a monthly, which of course means so much more time can be spent getting it right, and making each panel pop.

I’m not too sure what to expect from Teen Titans after No Justice finishes but if there is more of Damian’s pet Goliath to come, like we got this issue, then that will definitely put a smile on my face.

7 out of 10