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Superman #18 Review

With Superman #18 we begin the Superman Reborn arc, a story that will cross over to Action Comics as well. This arc is will explore...

Super Sons #1 Review

This is a book I have been waiting for since the Rebirth announcement. The pairing of Jon and Damian just seems like such a...

Trinity #5 Review

Trinity #5 wasn't bad. It just didn't use the strengths of the previous issues to it's advantage. The result is a decent plot development with very little heart.

Superman #6 Review

In what seems to be a theme in Rebirth, this issue was packed with action and emotion. With great fight scenes and moments that remind us who Superman truly is, along with the fact that he is for everyone.

Action Comics #960 Review

With the story coming to a bit of a hang, we find Wonder Woman joining Superman in the battle of Doomsday. One has to wonder, will all of the threads going on in this arc payoff in the end? Was rehashing the Doomsday fight in the new line really a good idea?

Superman #3 Review

In yet another story of old continuity Superman facing a familiar foe we learn of Eradicators new found mission. Does trusting this new Eradicator end up paying off for Superman? Tomasi and Gleason deliver another great chapter in Son of Superman Part Three.

Action Comics #959 Review

In all, I am still interested in the story and will keep on reading. However, I really hope we start to get some answers and the story begins to move along at a faster pace.

New Super-Man #1 Review

Having read most of the DC Rebirth titles out there, I have to say this is contention for my favorite title out right now. I can’t wait to see where this goes, plus the cliffhanger at the end has me foaming at the mouth to see what happens next.

Action Comics #958 Review

We return to the Superman most of us knew and loved, both in form and action.

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