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Middlewest #6

Skottie Young, writer Jorge Corona, art So far in Middlewest, Abel escapes his father’s anger and the tornado that destroyed their home. Along with his comrade,...

Bully Wars #5 Review

Skottie Young, storyAaron Conley, artJean-Francois Beaulieu, colorsNate Piekos of Blambot, lettersR This is the final issue of this mini....

Bully Wars #3

Written by, Skottie Young Art by, Aaron Conley Colors by, Jean-Francis Beauliev Letters by, Nate Piekos So far in Bully Wars, it has been a rough start of...

Bully wars #1

Story by Skottie Young Art by Aaron Conley Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu Lettering by Nate Piekos To coincide with the ‘back to school’ season, Image Comics has released...

I Hate Fairyland #9 Review

I Hate Fairyland is everything you love about Pop-Culture references, blatantly obvious innuendos, and the most adorably demented art you can find. I am convinced that this needs to be turned into an adult cartoon and become a wild hit. Skottie Young has turned what I thought would be a short run of fun into a sprawling adventure that I keep coming back to for a great laugh.

I Hate Fairyland #7 Review

How to Drain Your Dragon! Yet another hilarious installment of I Hate Fairyland from Skottie Young. With the super adorable art you have come to expect and the dialogue that delivers in ways you never thought it could.

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