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Blackbird #3

Written by: Sam Humphries Art by: Jen Bartel Colors by: Triona Farrell Letters by: Jodi Wynne Blackbird is fast becoming one of the things I look forward to...

Blackbird #2

Written by Sam Humphries Art by Jen Bartel Colors by Triona Farrell Lettering by Jodi Wynne If you grew up as a shy bookish kid, you probably spent...

Blackbird #1

Written by Sam Humphries Art by Jen Bartel Colors by Nayoung Wilson, Jen Bartel Lettering by Jodi Wynne I don’t normally write about the covers of the comics...

Nightwing #40 Review

This issue is very heavy on the action and is a breezy read with fast advancing plot from Sam Humphries.

New Creative Team Coming in Nightwing #44

Starting with issue #44, the team will be headlined by Benjamin Percy with Christopher Mooneyham on pencils.

Nightwing #38 Review

Come for the art and possibly stay for the story if you are intrigued enough. Humphries has yet to sway me into committing to Nightwing long term, but I do want to know how the finale of the arc is going to play out.

Nightwing #37 Review

Not a disappointing issue, but one that could have provided much more answers than it did.

Green Lanterns #32 Review

I totally love Sam Humphries’ work, and I am by no means taking a stab at him right now, this issue just felt very out of place next to the work we’ve seen thus far from him.

Green Lanterns #31 Review

This is was a great read. As expected, Sam Humphries writes a killer story. He did such a tremendous job setting up the Volthoom story, providing a cogent background on him, telling an amazing story of time traveling Green Lanterns, and really developing Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.

New Creative Teams Coming to Justice League, Nightwing, and Green Lanterns

It's a big day for DC Comics news as new creative teams have been announced for three of DC's series!

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