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Nightwing #37 Review

Not a disappointing issue, but one that could have provided much more answers than it did.

Harley Quinn #33 Review

Harley Quinn #33 Review Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner Art: Bret Blevins, Otto Schmidt, and Moritat Colors: Alex Sinclair and Otto Schmidt The last issue saw Harley...

Action Comics #993 Review

I have no idea where this story is going, which increases the intrigue.

The Flash #36 Review

As Flash stories go, this one is by the numbers, which isn’t a bad thing if you love the character.

Super Sons Annual #1 Review

I recommend this book to younger readers and to animal lovers due to the art and the Krypto-centered storyline.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #33 Review

We have another excellent book this week in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #33. I hope Robert Venditti never leaves this title because he does Hal Jordan and Green Lanterns in general superbly.

Detective Comics #969 Review

This issue was an entertaining read and left me wanting more. The Victim Syndicate is obviously back and, judging from the title, they have built some momentum or are about to.

Justice League of America #19 Review

Bottom line, this is a great book no matter how you slice it. Great dialogue. Great art. What more could you ask for?

The Flash #35 Review

This is an emotionally packed and meaningful story. The Flash will need to be as smart as he is fast to navigate the future as things unfold.

Batman Annual #2 Review

This Batman comic will not be for anyone who wants bloody fights, action, adventure, or killer crocs, but it has a lovely Tom King version of Bat/Cat romance that will be enjoyed by a certain type of reader.

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