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Adventures of the Super Sons

Written by, Peter J. Tomasi Pencils by, Carlo Barberi Inks by, Art Thibert Colors by, Protobunker The issue begins with a fight sequence between The Super-Sons and The...

The Bridge

Written by, Peter J. Tomasi Illustrated by, Sara DuVall The Bridge stands apart from modern graphic novels due to its minimalist, black and white art style,...

Superman Special #1

“For Those Who Serve” Written by Peter J. Tomasi and  Patrick Gleason Art by, Scott Godlewski Colors by, Gabe Eltaeb Letters by, Rob Leigh Recap The issue begins, Jonathan has...

Super Sons #11 Review

Super Sons #11 Written by: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Art by: Ryan Benjamin & Richard Friend Colored by: Gabe Eltaeb, Colors   Recap: The story begins with, Batman...

Superman #37 Review

Superman #37 Written by: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Art by: Jorge Jimenez Colored by: Alejandro Sanchez   Recap: The story begins in Wayne Manor and Bruce Wayne is...

Superman #34 Review

I can hardly wait to see how this story advances Superman as “Imperius”, Jonathan and his new powers, and Lois as the newest member of the Female Furies.

Super Sons #9 Review

In this issue, the old magician, Kraklow, gains a new motivation. And, a living planet is pushed to the brink by the Super-Sons.

Superman #33 Review

This story sets the groundwork for a larger story that pits Lex Luther, as king of Apokolips, against Superman and his family.

Super Sons #7 Review

What is this about? In this issue of Super Sons, the Teen Titans regroup after getting beaten handily by a trio of villains led by...

Superman #28 Review

What is this all about? (Spoilers ahead!) In this issue, the family vacation leads to visit memorial sites for WWII, the Korean conflict, Vietnam, and...

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