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Nightwing #53 Review

Plot: Scott Lobdell Script: Fabian Nicieza Art: Travis Moore & Patch Zircher Colors: Tamra Bonvillain Ric Grayson teams up with the hero of Blüdhaven… Nightwing. Grayson meets the...

The Silencer #10

Art by, Patch Zircher Written by, Dan Abnett Colors by, Mike Spicer Letters by, Tom Napolitano This issue begins with Honore stuck in the body of the Leviathan...

Silencer #9 Review

The story of The Silencer has been one of mystery, intrigue, and fighting criminals and their organization. The street-level aspect of the story has been what’s driven the plot narrative. This issue takes a hard left-turn involving monsters, magic, and switching bodies. Let's hope that The Silencer can get her own body back and get this story, which has been wonderful to-date, back on course.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30 Review

The dynamic and chemistry with the characters is awesome. It had me interested from start to finish. It’s just a great Green Lantern story period, and a great start to this story arc. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Action Comics #984 Review

(SPOILERS!) In this issue, Superman and his friends are trapped in the Phantom Zone, the Kryptonian prison barren of all substance and matter. The...

Action Comics #981 Review

With Superman stuck in The Black Vault General Zod is out for REVENGE! Will Superman get out of The Black Vault in time to...

Action Comics #980 Review

Things are starting to heat up as the team of supervillains are out to recruit their last member General Zod. With Superman finding his...

Action Comics #979 Review

Things are starting to go back to normal in the Superman universe with Clark, Lois, and Jon beginning to move back to Metropolis. Oh...

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