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Detective Comics #982

Written by Michael Moreci Pencils and Inks by Sebastian Fiumara Colors by Dave Stewart Cover by Brad Anderson and Sebastian Fiumara This week in Detective Comics, writer Michael Moreci...

Titans Special #1 Review

Written by Dan Abnett Art by Sergio Davila, Vicente Cifuentes, Brent Peeples, Matt Santorelli, Brian Ching, Nicola Scott, Max Raynor and Ben Oliver Colors by Luis...

Nightwing #45 Review

Nightwing #45 Story: Benjamin Percy Art: Chris Mooneyham Color: Nick Filardi When Grayson wakes up the morning after the Phantasm FitBit burrowed its way into his six pack,...

Nightwing #42 Review

Story by Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly Art by Jorge Corona Colors by Mat Lopes This issue is a little left field as Sam Humphries steps away...

Nightwing #41 Review

Written by Sam Humphries Art by Bernard Chang and Jamal Campbell Colors by Marcelo Maiolo and Jamal Campbell The finale to the 7 part Untouchable story finally comes...

Nightwing #40 Review

This issue is very heavy on the action and is a breezy read with fast advancing plot from Sam Humphries.

New Creative Team Coming in Nightwing #44

Starting with issue #44, the team will be headlined by Benjamin Percy with Christopher Mooneyham on pencils.

NIghtwing #39 Review

This arc is long but we are basically rounding third base right now and I have my fingers crossed for a decent dash to home plate. If it doesn’t pan out we’ve always got Jamal Campbell’s magnificent art to look back on and wax lyrical about.

Nightwing #38 Review

Come for the art and possibly stay for the story if you are intrigued enough. Humphries has yet to sway me into committing to Nightwing long term, but I do want to know how the finale of the arc is going to play out.

Nightwing #37 Review

Not a disappointing issue, but one that could have provided much more answers than it did.

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