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Nightwing #42 Review

Story by Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly Art by Jorge Corona Colors by Mat Lopes This issue is a little left field as Sam Humphries steps away...

Nightwing #41 Review

Written by Sam Humphries Art by Bernard Chang and Jamal Campbell Colors by Marcelo Maiolo and Jamal Campbell The finale to the 7 part Untouchable story finally comes...

Nightwing #40 Review

This issue is very heavy on the action and is a breezy read with fast advancing plot from Sam Humphries.

New Creative Team Coming in Nightwing #44

Starting with issue #44, the team will be headlined by Benjamin Percy with Christopher Mooneyham on pencils.

NIghtwing #39 Review

This arc is long but we are basically rounding third base right now and I have my fingers crossed for a decent dash to home plate. If it doesn’t pan out we’ve always got Jamal Campbell’s magnificent art to look back on and wax lyrical about.

Nightwing #38 Review

Come for the art and possibly stay for the story if you are intrigued enough. Humphries has yet to sway me into committing to Nightwing long term, but I do want to know how the finale of the arc is going to play out.

Nightwing #37 Review

Not a disappointing issue, but one that could have provided much more answers than it did.

Titans #19 Review

Titans #19 Written by: Dan Abnett Art by: Paul Pelletier Inks by: Andrew Hennessy The story opens with a postmortem of the recent Troia threat that concluded in...

Nightwing: The New Order #4 Review

Emotional and gripping, this story will leave the reader begging to see what’s next.

Detective Comics #968 Review

A Lonely Place of Living continues this week in Detective Comics #968. In this series we are given the gift of Tim Drake’s return to DC Comics.