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The Silencer #11

Written by Dan Abnett Pencils and Inks by Jack Herbert Colored by Mike Spicer In the previous issue, Honore got possession of her own body back after...

Analog 5

Writer: Gerry Duggan Artist: David O’ Sullivan Colorist: Mike Spicer Letter: Joe Sabino Variant Cover: Jason Latour Jack is home and ready for things to stay quiet for a...

Action Comics #989 Review

The story arc will need to advance or branch out to keep reader’s interest. However, Lois shows great courage by freeing hostage and Superman heroically saves lives, which is refreshing.  

Shirtless Bear-Fighter #3 Review

THE TRUTH SPEAKS It's Shirtless!  It's Bear!  It's Fighter!  IT'S SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER #3! What is this all about? Hello childrens, it's your Unkie Truth, here...

Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Review

THE TRUTH SPEAKS Are you ready to rock out with your cock out? Are you prepared for a joy ride through Bear Country? Groom your beard,...

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