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Man Eaters #6

Written By: Chelsea Cain Art By: Kate Niemczyk Colors By: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters By: Joe Caramagna Man Eaters showed so much promise, but we’ve reached issue 6 and...

Man-Eaters 5

Written by: Chelsea Cain Art by: Kate Niemczyk & Elise McCall Colors by: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters by: Joe Caramagna Man-Eaters has made some different narrative choices in its...

Man-Eaters # 3 & 4 Review

Written by: Chelsea CainArt by: Kate NiemczykColors by: Rachelle RosenbergLettering by: Joe Caramagna To recap issues 1 and 2 of the new Image...

Man-Eaters #2

Writer/Creator: Chelsea Cain Pencils & Inks: Kate Niemczyk Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: Joe Caramagna Man-Eaters is a comic which plays around with the format in order to tell...

Man-Eaters #1 Review

Every page of this comic had me smiling; the glitter design of the cover, the pamphlets warning of ‘big cat attacks’, the fact the first panel of the comic shows a tampon-superhero defeating the patriarchy; it’s all tongue in cheek and fun.

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