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Green Lantern #6 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Liam Sharp Colors: Steve Oliff In Green Lantern #6 Blackstar Parallax (Hal Jordan) has one more test of loyalty before he can get...

The Green Lantern #3 Review

TScript: Grant MorrisonArt: Liam SharpColors: Steve Oliff In The Green Lantern #3, Hal hunts Earth down, only to find...

The Green Lantern #2 Review

Story: Grant Morrison Art: Liam Sharp Colors: Steve Oliff The Green Lantern #2 delves deeper into the vastness of the cosmos as Hal Jordan is called in...

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32 Review

With this huge event happening in the DC Universe right now, this issue contributed its piece to the puzzle. I have no complaints. Pick this issue up, especially if you are following the Metal story closely….and if you’re not, you should be.

Justice League #32 Review

What is this all about?  You can read Part One of Bats Out of Hell in Issue #33 of The Flash. The second part of...

Wonder Woman #25 Review

Greg Rucka's time on 'Wonder Woman' comes to a close with Wonder Woman #25. Even though there are still some questions left unanswered, this issue goes a great job concluding a major chapter in Diana's life.

Wonder Woman #25 Review

After piecing together a masterful story on Wonder Woman, issue 25 brings Greg Rucka's run to a close. Tidying up *most* loose ends and...

Wonder Woman #23 Review

This is it, the conclusion to "The Truth" with everything coming to a head how will Wonder Woman's origins hash out? Minor spoilers ahead. Right...

Shea Fontana Will Takeover Wonder Woman After Rucka

Earlier today, we wrote about Greg Rucka's announced departure from writing the Wonder Woman comic book. Since then, we've learned via an exclusive from THR that Shea Fontana, writer of DC Super Hero Girls, will take the 5 issues following issue #25.

Greg Rucka is Ending his run on the ‘Wonder Woman’ Comic

Yesterday on Tumblr, Rucka announced that he would be departing as the writer for DC Comics' Wonder Woman book after issue #25.

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