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Action Special #1

Action Special #1 Recap Action #1000 was a celebration of Superman, his history, his character, and what he represents as a iconic superhero. This issue is...

Superman #35 Review

The courage of Super Boy maintains me throughout this story. Will this be a coming of age moment for Super Boy?

Superman #34 Review

I can hardly wait to see how this story advances Superman as “Imperius”, Jonathan and his new powers, and Lois as the newest member of the Female Furies.

Green Arrow #28 Review

Green Arrow #28 tells a good story about Oliver's mission in Metropolis, with solid characterizations of both Superman and Lex Luthor, and excellent art from Juan Ferreyra. This is the best issue of Green Arrow in months.

Trinity #7 Review

Leading into Trinity #7 Francis Manapul gave us one of the best story arcs within DC Rebirth, that being my opinion of course. So...

Action Comics #960 Review

With the story coming to a bit of a hang, we find Wonder Woman joining Superman in the battle of Doomsday. One has to wonder, will all of the threads going on in this arc payoff in the end? Was rehashing the Doomsday fight in the new line really a good idea?

Action Comics #959 Review

In all, I am still interested in the story and will keep on reading. However, I really hope we start to get some answers and the story begins to move along at a faster pace.

Action Comics #958 Review

We return to the Superman most of us knew and loved, both in form and action.

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