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Justice League #43 Review

Script: Priest Art & Color: Pete Woods Letters: Willie Schu Priest’s finale to “Justice Lost” wraps the story up in a thrilling fashion. What began as one...

Justice League #42

Script: Priest Art: Pete Woods Letters: Willie Schu Spoilers ahead! The big shocker at the end of the last issue was Wonder Woman getting shot. Turns out machine...

Justice League #41 Review

Script: Priest Art: Philippe Briones Colors: Jeromy Cox Spoilers ahead! First things first, if you think Red Lion looks rather familiar in this issue, you aren’t alone in...

Justice League #40 Review

Priest is doing a bang-up job with this arc. He’s putting the League members in some interesting conundrums and asking important questions. It’s really fascinating to watch the most powerful people on the planet debate who is most disposable.

Justice League #39 Review

More interesting threads keep getting added to this storyline. I can’t wait to see how they all come together.

Justice League #38 Review

Justice League #38 Reviewed by: Mike Bedard Script: Priest Pencils & Inks: Marco Santucci Colors: Alex Sollazzo The Justice League have been banished to various points on Earth after...
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DC’s ‘Metal’ Series Will Lead to ‘No Justice’

When Metal ends with issue #6 in March, Scott Snyder will be joined with James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson for a four-issue mini-series, Justice League: No Justice. With art from Francis Manapul, the series will kick off on May 9th.

Superman #39 Review

This all-ages book is beautifully drawn and the colors brighten this already inspiring story.

Justice League #37 Review

I love Justice League arcs where the League has to go against the American government. When done right, I find these issues often lead to interesting, important conversations about what a superhero’s role is supposed to be in the universe of the comic.

Justice League #35 Review

Justice League #35 Review Story: Priest Art & Cover: Pete Woods Wonder Woman learns the downsides of going viral in the latest issue of Justice League. In...