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My Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Now that the exhaustion of the weekend is starting to wear off, I can start to process my nerdcation. This was my 8th year going...

The Flash Annual #1 Review

This book represents the first material attempts to confront several important issues since the start of Rebirth.
no justice featured image

DC’s ‘Metal’ Series Will Lead to ‘No Justice’

When Metal ends with issue #6 in March, Scott Snyder will be joined with James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson for a four-issue mini-series, Justice League: No Justice. With art from Francis Manapul, the series will kick off on May 9th.

The Flash #36 Review

As Flash stories go, this one is by the numbers, which isn’t a bad thing if you love the character.

The Flash #35 Review

This is an emotionally packed and meaningful story. The Flash will need to be as smart as he is fast to navigate the future as things unfold.

Justice League #33 Review

Cyborg gives the team a shot to defeat the Bat Team, but it may come at a heavy cost.

Batman: Lost #1 Review

This book may come at a $4.99 price tag, but I believe it is definitely worth it. Batman: Lost has been one the better tie-ins to Metal, so pick it up and enjoy the awesome story. 

The Flash #34 Review

This story is about The Flash’s desire for a relationship which leads to an unexpected life-changing encounter.

The Flash #33 Review

The Flash and Steel defend a portal to the Dark Multiverse from the followers of Barbatos to preserve a way for Superman and Batman to return.

The Flash #32 Review

Barry must balance his personal life with his life as The Flash even as he's transferred to Central City’s worst prison.