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The Wild Storm #12 Review

Hands down this is one of the best pieces of comic art being produced today. The trades will no doubt be a great way to catch up, but really this should be read as an on-going monthly wild ride.

Wild Storm #11 Review

Wild Storm is comic-booking at a high level, and this title joins the likes of Saga or the many works of Jeff Lemire, that might be taken for granted because it's always so damn good.

Wild Storm #10 Review

Wild Storm #10 Written by: Warren Ellis Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt The web of characters and concepts woven by writer Warren Ellis and perfectly drawn by Jon...

Wild Storm #9 Review

"Where the hell is this story going?" isn't usually a compliment, but as I read each mystery begins five additional mysteries and dern it if I'm not onboard for every bizarre twist. 

The Wild Storm #8 Review

Another stunning chapter in the most bizarrely beautiful "grounded" sci-fi adventure on current comic book shelves is here.

Wild Storm #7 Review

After a brief break the storm is wild once again. Warren Ellis’ reworking of the complex Wildstorm Universe is back this week with its seventh installment.

Wild Storm #6 Review

Forecasters this week are calling for potentially dangerous weather ahead of 2017's sixth Wild Storm installment. Warren Ellis' re-imagining of the WildStorm universe continues...

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