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Harley Loves Joker #2 Review

Review We continue this week with our tip of the hat to Batman: The Animated Series. Paul Dini, co-creator of Harley Quinn herself, writes another...

Harley Loves Joker #1

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Now there is a lesson I learned at a young age, but somehow I find myself relearning...

Batman White Knight #3 Review

This visually gripping and compelling story of emotion and darkness gives the reader one heck of a story to read over and over again.

DC Comics PSAs – Apathetic Mini Reviews #6

To view all of our videos, head over to http://www.youtube.com/wcfmedia and be sure to subscribe. Batman and Superman are here to give you some fun...

Batman: The White Night #2 Review

This is a great continuation of the series with an impactful story and gritty, wonderful art to go with it. It all adds up to a great issue, with loads of more delight to come I wager.

Dark Days: The Casting Review

Dark Days: The Casting is an amazing issue and great prelude to DC Metal. It has this great mystery that keeps you wanting more. The art may not be the greatest, but you can tell Snyder and Tynion are passionate about this story and readers should make sure not to miss a bit of it.

Was The Dark Knight Trilogy ‘Emotionless?’

That's the question many people are pondering right now. Director Christopher Nolan arguably has made some of the best films of all time. He has been praised by critics and audiences alike for virtually every film he has directed ... 

Batman #25 Review

With DC Metal on the horizon, I am Bane behind us and a possible Bat and Cat marriage in the future, we arrive at...

First Look at Dark Days: The Casting #1

Dark Days: The Forge hit the shelves last week, and now we've got our first look at the next entry in DC's summer event from Scott Snyder: Dark Days: The Casting #1

All-Star Batman #8 Review

All-Star Batman has been a ton of fun to read so far, with everything from serious to comical going into it. All-Star Batman #8...

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