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Justice League #32 Review

What is this all about?  You can read Part One of Bats Out of Hell in Issue #33 of The Flash. The second part of...

Justice League of America #17 Review

The League has reached the ignition point of the quantum storms that has been destroying the Microverse.

Justice League of America #15 Review

JLA #15 is a good, solid story with good solid art to back it up and really sets up the next chapter really well.

Justice League of America #1 Review

In so many of its iterations, the Justice League has been composed of the gods of the DC Universe, the powerhouses. In one version...

Batman #5 Review

Being King's first arc, this feels like a solid beginning to his run, with his slow burn storytelling we really are just getting into the meat of it. Bringing in the JLA to a Batman comic is always a tricky proposal, yet King manages to do it with grace, using them to show how powerful this foe truly is. Ultimately it was not the JLA or even Batman that defeats Gotham, instead of something more astute.

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