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Harley Quinn #34 Review

Harley Quinn #34 Review Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Art by: John Timms and Chad Hardin Colors by: Alex Sinclair In the last issue, Harley Quinn and...

Harley Quinn #32 Review

HARLEY QUINN #32 REVIEW Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Art by: Bret Blevins & John Timms Colored by: Alex Sinclair While the last few issues have shown Harley...

Harley Quinn #29 Review

Harley Quinn starts her mayoral campaign in earnest, but Scarecrow gets in the way. This issue begins what is sure to be an entertaining arc for Harley.

Harley Quinn #28 Review

I have really been looking forward to this issue, and I’m excited to see what Harley plans on doing. I’m also interested in seeing if the following issues draw on real world events, like the 2016 election, to provide commentary on how politics are conducted in the real world.

Harley Quinn #26 Review

What is this all about? It’s a bloody good time in the newest issue of Harley Quinn. In the previous issue, we see...

Jonah Hex Yosemite Sam Special #1 – PopnComics

THE TRUTH SPEAKS Oh my lordy lord, I'm feeling every one of these last 39.95 years I've been walking this earth, folks.  I've been slipping,...

Kamandi Challenge #3 Review

Ah, another month and another issue of Kamandi Challenge. So far this has been a wild ride for Kamandi, from one crazy kingdom to...

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