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Green Lanterns #40 Review

Green Lanterns #40 is a great start to a new arc I am very excited by. The whole creative team worked very well together to put together an interesting story and beautiful visuals that left me with a lot of questions.

Green Lanterns #37 Review

Green Lanterns #37 Written by: Tim Seeley Art by: Carlo Barberi Green Lanterns has really fallen off in my opinion. It is so hard to make it...

Green Lanterns #33 Review

This was a rough start to a new Green Lanterns run. I had a hard time even finishing it. The story was dry and uninteresting. I find myself not caring much about what happens next.

Green Lanterns #32 Review

I totally love Sam Humphries’ work, and I am by no means taking a stab at him right now, this issue just felt very out of place next to the work we’ve seen thus far from him.

Green Lanterns #31 Review

This is was a great read. As expected, Sam Humphries writes a killer story. He did such a tremendous job setting up the Volthoom story, providing a cogent background on him, telling an amazing story of time traveling Green Lanterns, and really developing Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.

Green Lanterns #30 Review

Stuck 10 billion years in the past, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz must prepare the first ever Green Lanterns in an all-out attack against...

Green Lanterns #29 Review

With Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz stuck 10 billion years in the past, will they find a way back? Do they have what it...

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