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Gideon Falls #1 Review

It feels so good to see Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino working together again. When these two creators come together something special happens, and that trend will continue on Giedon Falls.

Bingo Love Review

Bingo Love should win best OGN this year.  I know it’s only February, but this book has it all.  It has great writing, fantastic characters, and it has beautiful and vibrant art.  But most of all, it’s a relevant story for any person of color that has struggled with expressing their love for a person of the same sex. 

Witchblade #3 Review

This title is not getting the attention I feel it deserves right now. If you have not read the previous two issues, I highly recommend picking them up and giving Witchblade a try.

Southern Bastards #19 Review

The story continues to amaze and the art continues to match the gritty tone of the book. The duo of Aaron and Latour can do no wrong when it comes to this superb series, so I’ll always forgive the schedule this book has. 

Redneck #9 Review

With a deep psychological angle married with edgy art, this issue is sure to deliver a great reading time for any comic fan.

Ice Cream Man #1 Review

The writing was excellent and that art is a perfect match for the story.

Witchblade #2 Review

This new series is far removed from the previous Volume and the short lived TV series, and that is such a good thing! I love this new take on Witchblade and eagerly await Issue #3.

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #4 Review

I am sad to see this series end again, but it ended it with a bang. The creative team on this book never disappoints and I hope to see them return with a third series.

Redlands #5 Review

Redlands #5 Writer: Jordie Bellaire Artist: Vanesa Del Rey Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Redlands continues to be a great new series and one of the better titles that Image...

Kill or Be Killed Vol. 1 Review

The story is partially a look at the difficulties of young adulthood combined with a look at what happens when you have a reluctant vigilante.