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Dark Days: The Casting Review

Dark Days: The Casting is an amazing issue and great prelude to DC Metal. It has this great mystery that keeps you wanting more. The art may not be the greatest, but you can tell Snyder and Tynion are passionate about this story and readers should make sure not to miss a bit of it.

Green Lanterns #26 Review

If you’re into the power ring slinging awesomeness that is Green Lantern, no matter which one is your favorite, this issue is for you....

Armie Hammer Confirms He Hasn’t Heard From Warner Bros. About Playing Green Lantern

In an interview with Screenrant for his upcoming movie, Cars 3, Armie Hammer confirmed that despite all the rumors, he hasn't actually heard anything from Warner Bros./DC Films about playing Green Lantern.

Tyrese Gibson Keeps Teasing ‘Green Lantern’ Role

In March of 2016, a fan-made image of Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern Jon Stewart made the rounds. Gibson himself posted the image to Instagram, which caused quite an uproar amongst fans.

Green Lantern / Space Ghost Special #1 Review

I absolutely love the art in this comic. Before we get into anything I just have to gush about this. Olivetti has a very...

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