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Harley Quinn #38 Review

This issue is automatically all right in my book for bringing the Condiment King back into the mix. In fact, this whole issue is a delightful smorgasbord of B-list Batman villains wreaking havoc in New York.

Justice League #39 Review

More interesting threads keep getting added to this storyline. I can’t wait to see how they all come together.

Batman #41 Review

As a part one to a story this is an intriguing opening. The payoff, hopefully, is worth the price of admission. At the very least this is a beautifully disturbed vision of obsession. Buy the ticket, take the ride...

Batman and The Signal #2 Review

This mini-series was one of the more eagerly anticipated titles spinning out of Metal. The delays between issues does not help, but the scope of Duke's powers and how he is connected to others that have also developed abilities should be enticing enough for you to forgive these long waits.

Green Lanterns #41 Review

I had a lot of fun reading this issue. Tim Seeley and crew built a very interesting world that I hope we get to see a lot more of in the future, added a lot of info to the mystery that they set up, and made me genuinely laugh out loud a few times

NIghtwing #39 Review

This arc is long but we are basically rounding third base right now and I have my fingers crossed for a decent dash to home plate. If it doesn’t pan out we’ve always got Jamal Campbell’s magnificent art to look back on and wax lyrical about.

Wonder Woman #40 Review

If you picked up Part 1 and 2 of "Swan Song", then you must grab Part 3. It's just as good as the previous two parts and is even better considering the villain cameo we get, not to mention what happens to Jason at the very end of the issue.

Titans #20 Review

Titans #20 Written by Dan Abnett Art by Paul Pelletier Inks by Andrew Hennessy Colors by Adriano Lucas PREVIOUSLY... Last issue the Justice League pressured Nightwing into disbanding the...

Sideways #1 Review

While I am all for originallity and bringing new characters into the DC Universe and bringing something fresh, this first issue was a bit weak on writing.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #19 Review

This issue read like Barbara’s prelude for the actual Full Circle story, and I am excited to see how the Birds recover from this.