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Superman #11

Written by Brian Michael Bendis Pencils by Ivan Reis Inks by Oclair Albert and Joe Prado Colored by Gabe Eltaeb and Alex Sinclair Previously in Superman, Jonathan continues...

Detective Comics #1000

"Longest Case" Writer: Scott Snyder Pencils: Greg Capullo Inks: Jonathan Glapion Colors: FCO Plascencia Letters: Tom Napolitano Detective Comics #1000 is finally here, and it’s only fitting that the duo...

The Silencer #3

Art by, John Romita Jr. Written by, Dan Abnett Inks by, Sandra Hope Colors by, Deen White and Arif Prianto Letters by, Tom Napolitano Recap Previously in The Silencer, it...

Deathstroke # 26

All in all this was a very good issue I'm happy to say; full of great dialogue coupled with superb art. This issue really wets my appetite for the next one.

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