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Teen Titans #22 Review

Written by Adam Glass Art by Bernard Chang Colors by Marcelo Maiolo Adam Glass' focus this issue is on the fallout after Roundhouse's death last issue and...

Deathstroke #33

Deathstroke vs Batman pt 4 Writer: Christopher Priest Artist: Ed Benes Inks: Richard Friend Slade Wilson is in town to pull a job, but he gets an unexpected...

Teen Titans Special #1 Review

Written by Adam Glass Pencils by Robson Rocha Inks by Daniel Henriques Colors by Sunny Gho Teen Titans Special #1 is a double sized issue that spotlights Robin,...

Nightwing #43 Review

Written by Michael Moreci Art by Minkyu Jung Colors by Felipe Sobreiro Here we are, the final issue before Benjamin Percy starts his run, and we of...

Teen Titans #17 Review

This issue is Beastboy focused and takes you into the mind of Garth and how he tries so hard to fit in to normal society even though he is far from that.

Detective Comics #967 Review

We have learned that Tim Drake is in fact not deceased. He is in the prison of Mr. Oz somewhere outside of time. Mr. Oz encourages Tim not to go back to the life that he so desperately wants to return to.

Super Sons #8 Review

This is an entertaining story, with lots of action, which keeps the reader’s interest to the end.

Teen Titans #10 Review

The Titans reunite under the watchful eye of Damian Wayne. Boasting a strong roster of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Aqualad. In the...

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