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Sonitus #1 Review

This is one rare issue where dialogue does not rule the day but the story still comes across loud and clear. Married with a unique art style and coloring, Sonitus is one gem worth checking out.

Heroes Garage Ep. #07 Comic Book Reviews


Xenoglyphs Vol. 1 Review

This is a story for everyone to enjoy because it contains action, a good narrative, unique relationships with well-rounded characters, and has a twist of the mystical element as well.  Let’s support this book so we can see these two creators tell their whole story because it would be a shame not see this story told in its entirety. 

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1 Review

The first issue of Invasion From planet Wrestletopia offers a promising story of redemption, but it does it through the veil of pro wrestling.

The Wicked and The Divine Vol. 1 Review

Overall, it is the story of the Recurrance, all of the twelve gods and what’s next for them, that has me looking forward to Vol 2.

Shirtless Bear Fighter #5 Review

In case you didn’t catch the pattern I was going for I really hope these characters come back but in the mean time take a break from superheroes and what not and enjoy this fine piece of its so ridiculous it’s good fun.

God Complex #1 Review

God Complex is about a young forensics detective named Seneca who has been assigned a case involving the murder of three clergy from the church of the Trinity in the futuristic city of Delphi.

Reborn Vol. 1 Review

I enjoyed the alternative, sci-fi fantasy take on the afterlife and how we can retain our individual souls, memories and the essence of who we are in this life in the next world.

God Country Volume One Review

God Country shows how incredible of a storyteller Cates is. I'm sure all of us on some level wish we had a better relationship with our fathers.

Vikings Uprising Review

There is no attempt to sugar coat the characters and make them more positive or portray them in a more sympathetic light than they actually are. The characters from Ragnar to Lagertha to Colum and Maurice are driven by decisions, both good and bad and by desperation.

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