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Detective Comics Annual #1

This annual was simply amazing. Definitely include this issue in your pull for the week. 

Detective Comics #972 Review

James Tynion IV brought another excellent story and the artwork of the series has been extraordinary.

Detective Comics #968 Review

A Lonely Place of Living continues this week in Detective Comics #968. In this series we are given the gift of Tim Drake’s return to DC Comics.

Detective Comics #967 Review

We have learned that Tim Drake is in fact not deceased. He is in the prison of Mr. Oz somewhere outside of time. Mr. Oz encourages Tim not to go back to the life that he so desperately wants to return to.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15 Review

This story was frustrating. But not in a good way. In a very obnoxious way.

Detective Comics #964 Review

The story doesn't amount to much in the conclusion of this 2-issue journey, but it's still an enjoyable ride to get there.

Detective Comics #964 Review

Is there a cure in sight for Clayface? Is Utopia really a solution to societal woes on the surface world? Or is...

Detective Comics #963 Review

Intro The last time we really got to see Spoiler, Christopher Sebela was teamed up on writing with James Tynion IV with Carmen...

Detective Comics #955 Review

All hope truly does look lost for the Batfamily in "The League of Shadows", with every member of the team falling. The last hope...

Detective Comics #953 Review

Gotham is on fire, the team is in disarray, the League of Shadows clearly has the upper hand. Batwing and Azrael are MIA, with...

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