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Heroes in Crisis #1 Review

Heroes in Crisis #1 Written by Tom King Art by Clay Mann Heroes in Crisis has been on the top of my most anticipated books list for...

Action Comics #1000

Action Comics 1000 is a historic event, such a big event that it can't be told by just one person. This issue is a...

Batman #37 Review

Batman #37 Written by: Tom King Art by: Clay Mann & Alvaro Martinez I sit at my desk with two screens open. One hand, my right, typing...

Batman #36 Review

Tom King's Batman isn't exactly for everyone and I haven't liked most of this run so far, but this issue is pretty great. Clay Mann's art is superb throughout, the colors look perfect and the whole ride is written with sweet intelligence.

Batman #30 Review

Batman #30 is a shining example of Tom King's unique ability to give an emotional and compelling story to a character no one seems to care about.

Batman #27 Review

The next Bat-chapter in the "The War of Jokes and Riddles" has arrived and it's an INTERLUDE??!?! Writer Tom King's Bat-opus is divisive with...

Batman #24 Review

The Button has come to a close, Claire has been saved, and we have The War of Jokes and Riddles on the horizon. Batman...

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