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Deathstroke #33

Deathstroke vs Batman pt 4 Writer: Christopher Priest Artist: Ed Benes Inks: Richard Friend Slade Wilson is in town to pull a job, but he gets an unexpected...

Deathstroke #31

Deathstroke # 31 Deathstroke vs Batman pt. 2 A review by Matt Granberry Writer: Christopher Priest Artists: Carlo Pagulayan & Roberto Viacara Inks: Jason Pax After their last encounter where...

Justice League #34 Review

The issue is gripping from start to finish. None of the individual challenges seem all that daunting. It’s more about stretching the team to its limits, and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

Deathstroke #24 Review

Not an awful story and it does move the arc along with good supporting art and a nice little ending to keep us wondering what will happen next.

New Creative Teams Coming to Justice League, Nightwing, and Green Lanterns

It's a big day for DC Comics news as new creative teams have been announced for three of DC's series!

Deathstroke #23 Review

What is this all about? This story shines the light on Deathstroke still training his Defiance group. He wants them to be more...

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