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New Creative Team Coming in Nightwing #44

Starting with issue #44, the team will be headlined by Benjamin Percy with Christopher Mooneyham on pencils.

Green Arrow #34 Review

What is this all about? Oliver Queen is back in star city. Ready to face trial for his Murder charge. Can the Emerald Archer get...

Teen Titans #13 Review

What is this all about? Fresh off the heels of "Gotham Resistance" the metal tie in. Damien is working on making the team ready for...

Green Arrow #33 Review

This issue is a a slow down after the gotham resistance tie in. It's a fantastic narrative that shows the reader that Oliver Queen isn't some punk kid. He has people who rely on him and he has his support structure

Green Arrow #32 Review

This issue was great. It picks up right after the Suicide Squad tie-in. The art is fantastic and we see some images of the Batman who laughs that no one should ever see.

Green Arrow #31 Review

A solid conclusion to the 'Hard Traveling Hero' story with great set-up for Green Arrow's role in 'Gotham City Resistance' and excellent art.

Teen Titans #12 Review

What is this all about? Damian Wayne has tracked down, captured, and reformed the Teen Titans. With Starfire, Raven, Aqualad, and Beast Boy....

Green Arrow #30 Review

Not much happens in Green Arrow #30, but tstrong dialogue and character development from Percy and some great art from Schmidt make this a fun issue overall.

Teen Titans #11 Review

What is this all about? Damian Wayne re founded the Teen Titans after Tim Drake breaks them up. This team includes Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven,...

Green Arrow #28 Review

Green Arrow #28 tells a good story about Oliver's mission in Metropolis, with solid characterizations of both Superman and Lex Luthor, and excellent art from Juan Ferreyra. This is the best issue of Green Arrow in months.